Boat Coordinates GamePlay:

The main map is where you can observe and guide the ship as it is best safely on the way to the destination. Rest assured that when you join now Boat Coordinates at Friv 10 online it's free on your computers and mobile phones. The first thing that gives you the chance to be a winner is that you need to know the rules for yourself. I will show you the best way to play.

Guide your boat by instructing it to use the x and y coordinates on the map. Will have this coordinate appear you just need to enter all the + and - signs. You need to observe your opponent's activities. Move your boat wisely and don't crash into these fishes. Everything will be detrimental to you, you just need to observe and use a lot of your skills. Take the boat to conquer the challenge ahead.

In simple gameplay, you just need to touch the arrow buttons to be able to adjust x and y values. Then press the scroll button so that the boat can go to the desired position. Isn't this wonderful? Let's enjoy this game to explore very new gameplay. Pay attention to the other boats, one of which is quite large. You need to complete all 10 of these levels to win in this difficult game. This is an entertaining word game that also requires your brain a lot. Combine intelligence and play games.

Everything will be great when you experience and challenge in the game Boat Coordinates at http://friv10games.club/. Please share a fun game for your friends to experience together and a sailing game in a very new x y map. What are you waiting for without further self-discovery and a few other similar game genres LOL Surprise Protest  


Use the mouse to be able to move to a safe location.

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