Blockor.io GamePlay:

Blockor.io has the same gameplay but a different concept with other related games. Another insanely amazing IO game is available at friv best Games. It has its own way to make you drive into it. 


Are you able to build the biggest blocker ever in the world full of spackling things? Yes, your main task is to become the biggest block and rule the leaderboard. Follow your heart and create the crazy shape at Blockor.io at Friv 4 school Games for kids!    


You are brought into a world where you are a single small block and you have to eat many spackling blocks around the map to be bigger and bigger. Besides, at here the other big spinning blocks are your enemies. In order to make it comes true, you have to collect as many little spackling blocks as you can and stay away from the big gray ones is so important because once you touch them, you will die immediately. 


By the way, you should keep in mind that you only can destroy the components who are smaller or equal to you in term of size. The bigger you are, the harder you move and the more careful you should be. Why? Because you’re much easier to touch the deadly gray blocks. Have a deep breath and jump in the battle now! There are so many similar games waiting for you at http://www.friv10games.club/ such as Tanks Online and Slither.io! Enjoy!



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