Blaze Racing GamePlay:

Blaze Racing brings a new gaming experience to the fans of fast-paced games in which your survival instinct should be the main element to keep you going. Find the route to be the best at racing and compete against other amazing opponents on the fastest tracks in Friv cars games. Your job is to follow this unique generated track on your trusty car and make sure that there will be room for dashing to the first position.

If you manage to take advantage of your navigation skills and maneuver well throughout the whole journey, there's a high chance that your car will be the first vehicle to cross the finish line. There's something special about your car in this game, have you notice it? In order to dash, cross and destroy the other cars, use the blazing system that is set up at the end part of the car. Once you hit the blazing engine on, the car will have extra booster and momentum to fly through multiple opponents without being able to stop!

Avoid the dangling rear edges and deep steep hills so that you will not lose your car. The others will also try to knock you off by hitting you at the turning points, create collision in the intersections, and many others! Unlock and earn all the updates as well as skills necessary to avoid their hits and counterattack proficiently! There are a large collection of 10x in-game updates that you can try to unlock for yourself, so do your best and fill up your collection with the best boosters.

Enjoy the uniquely generated 3D graphics with neon style effect on each cliff-hanging track in this game at http://friv10games.club/! Gather more in-game weapons and blast off the opponents on your way to claim the victory in more games such as Desert Road and Bike Mania 4 Micro Office!

Controls: Click to interact, use the left and right arrows to move the car.

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