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Bellum.io - click to play online on Friv10 Games Online. Play Bellum.io, the fun clicker style online multiplayer strategy game! Generate Military Power by pressing the 0 key and expand your territory. Conquer other players bases and upgrade your area to protect your own.

You own an army and your goals are to defend your territory and conquer others. You can do that alone, or cooperating with other players. In this game you generate "military power" every second. MP acts like money, use it to make soldiers, tanks and airfields to make even more MP per second. Have fun with Bellumio!

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Mouse, 0 = generate Military Power, WASD / Arrows = move camera

Update 1.3.0

  • Mountains
  • Naval warfare
  • Custom backgrounds earned by leveling and later from achievements
  • Major/Minor Bug fixes
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