Barrel Jump GamePlay:

Get ready to stand on your cool skateboard and start moving forward like a pro in Barrel Jump, a skateboarding game on friv Games for boys. Here, you can find different genres to enjoy and play for free. Each game gives a different experience. Some games easily become your favorite ones and many games make you bored because it doesn’t suit your age but you should know that this game that you are going to play is definitely a perfect one for you and for everyone because players of all ages can play.

As an endless runner game, your main goal is to skateboard as far as possible. To achieve this goal, you have to overcome every single barrel on the way by jumping over them. Get your skateboard ready and move forward by pushing one foot on the ground, gain momentum and jump high, and no obstacle can stop you. The key to winning this game is to time your jump.

You have to jump at the right time to pass each barrel. If you jump too soon, you will crash into the barrel and if you jump late, you will also get the same result. It’s fine if you fail the first few times, which will help you determine the time to jump better on http://friv10games.club/. Learn from the setbacks and you'll know the tricks you need to help you jump over the barrels safely. With each successful jump, you earn 1 point. The number of obstacles you jumped over successfully is your final result. Is that number satisfy you?

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Use your left click to jump.

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