Backflip Parkour GamePlay:

Backflip Parkour at Friv 10 games is a ridiculously funny backflip madness game for fans of military obstacle course training. Start this backflip madness by controlling a poor ungraceful bastard to make him jump and flip backwards to land on a specific platform. Doesn’t sound that bad until you reach the part with all the spinning saws, explosives and many other sorts of deadly traps. Do your best to land alive and on your feet to earn money and unlock new characters.

Complete the tutorial to learn how to make this little figure jump and perform fancy flips. In the beginning you will train in a gym to make sure you won't break you neck right away. Always try to get at least a silver medal, so you can proceed with the next level. Or maybe aim for Gold? Enjoy!

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Game Controlling keys:

Use the mouse to jump and flip

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