Archery GamePlay:

Are you attached to eager sports? Archery is an engrossing action game at Friv game. It's time to start a duel and show off your archery skills. To kill another stickman with precise shots, you should have the accurately archery. You will be attracted to the game. The more stickmen you kill, you will be a bowman taking aim at the targets to earn scores. Fight like a real soldier!

How about beginning a match in www friv com school? Two male archers are going to practice together and stand face to face. One male is the shooter, the other is the assistant who puts targets on his head. The ministrant has the aim items such as apples and packs of the arrow on his head. During game, your task is to shoot straight at the targets. Light-handed stickman fights against other stickman archers. You have to control him smartly, choose the right direction and timing to make shots. You can relieve all depression by playing this game. Much fun!

Two men take turns to be the shooter. We put on 15 arrows to use for each archer. After you don’t shoot the target successfully, you lose an arrow and you have 2 turns in every time. Each good shot gives you one point. It’s very magnitudinous to shoot the packs of arrows. The total score you get from two bowmen is your final score. As both archers run out of their arrows, the game will end. The best score will be shown on the screen after the game is over at Friv 2018. Do your best to gain points! Avoid hurting your partner.

Do not hesitate any longer but join your battle and win. We are delighted to have your opinions about our game. Rate it highly if you love it!  Play other awesome games like Dragon Fist 3Apple Shooter and Ultimate Ninja Swing at http://friv10games..club/.


Drag or click left mouse button up and down to shoot the right power.

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