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Animal Quiz is one of the best intelligent games that you should try out to gain more knowledge of the world outside as well as have fun! It is time to learn some animal names with this funny game. Animal Quiz free game is not only the game, it is also the way to study about a variety of species.

There are many kinds of animals in this world and how many types of them do you know? Test your knowledge and see how many creatures you can name in friv 4 game. Besides checking your understanding, you also can be taught about taught about the animals you do not know.

Let’s play and maybe you might know more animals than you thought you knew. The game contains not only many familiar pets such as dog, cat, and mouse but also some complicated species like deer, bull, fox, wolf, tiger and so on. We bring you each picture for each level. Look at this picture and guess the name which is hidden in the letters below in friv 10 kids. There are many letters which are suggested below. Your mission is to type down the name of the animal in the picture. Click on the boxes containing the letters sequentially to complete the word.

If your answer is right, you’ll go to the next level with the new animal. The game starts with the easy quiz and then you get challenging once you have passed some of them. Furthermore, you can use the jokers on the bottom if you get stuck, but try to spare them for as long as you can.

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How to play:

Use your mouse to click on the letter. 

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