Angry Guys GamePlay:

Use the giant slingshot and complete the mission of Angry Guys. Friv com open up a new space for you to join. Shoot your opponents, explode, and destroy everything in their path. Your mission is to launch the Evils with a slingshot at your opponent, destroy their walls, blockade them, and blow everyone up. This 3D game is one of the most beautiful versions. Similar to the famous Angry Birds game, you can use your skills to win this war.

The objective of the game is to knock down the guys with a slingshot and destroy all the opponents. The fewer guys you use, the higher your rating will be. Share how to join with friends to complete any of the battles we recommend. Players are ready to choose and learn a multitude of new skills. Learn online game versions of different topics so that players can relax after every working hour. Spend your free time discovering and winning every new game version. We work hard to help players relax. Destroy the opponents before they turn against you.

Expand your favorite game world at Adventure Games. We offer new options for players to choose from. Learn how to fight against opponents and become a good player at the top of the online game leaderboard. If you lose, you can learn how to fight in the next game. Help players show their skills and win all difficult missions. We are ready with challenges for players to choose to participate in and update the list of online games. In addition, you can hardly miss the countless games similar to this game like Adventure Squirrel and Finn on the platform. Extend your favorite special journey now.


Use the left mouse button to control the slingshot

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