American Football Challenge GamePlay:

As you know, goalkeeper is one of the most important members in a team. Goalkeepers will play an important role in preventing opponent’s balls from entering their goal. They are really talented and professional with many different skills. Do you want to experience the work of a goalkeeper? Jump into American Football Challenge game at www friv 2 and catch all the balls in the direction of your goal.

In this game, you will be a goalkeeper of a famous team and participate in the biggest football tournament on the planet. You will keep an important role and your purpose is to help your team win precisely. To accurately catch the balls, you need to watch carefully and calculate the direction of the balls to catch them. Don’t miss any ball in your goal in the game at friv 4.com.

At the first level, the game is pretty simple, so you can catch the ball in an easy way. However, at higher levels, the difficulty level will be significantly increased with different positions. In particular, the speed of the balls will also be faster, so you may encounter many difficulties and challenges to conquer this game. The balls will be thrown towards your goal continuously, so you have to observe fast and perform the correct action.

With cool graphics and unique gameplay, I believe that you will laugh happily every time. Especially, there are some similar games that you will love to play such as Dunk Ball and Soccer Physics at http://friv10games.club/


Catch the balls by using the mouse on the computer.

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