Alien Slide GamePlay:

Adventure is a game genre that is loved by a lot of people because it relieves her stressful and tired friends. Take part in an entertaining adventure game Alien Slide at friv online Games that will bring you a lot but the satisfaction is certain. You do not have any money because this game is always free online. Starts to appear along with your character. Your goal is to make it move fast so you can avoid all the ice falling from top to bottom. These rocks are falling very suddenly and a lot.

So you need to observe and use your intelligent brain combined with the nimble hands to be able to control your character to help them escape the dangers. Running fast and dodging is the thing that you need to focus on this game to be able to feel. There are so many new things that only need you to be a little slow and you will have to stop the game at any time. When you touch the big rocks you will no longer have a chance to start the fight.

Later, the rocks will fall more and more and their position will be very messy. Rest assured that when you have the skills you can completely overcome things extremely simple. Can you bring yourself to get to know the high score? The longer you live the longer you will get yourself the more points. Challenge runs in a large space cosmic place.

Please share this fun game with your friends. Together with your friends join now on the game Alien Slide at http://friv10games.club/ to together conquer all the challenges that the game offers. Don't forget to let your friends participate in some other similar types of entertaining puzzle games Super HitMasters and Run Gun Robots

How to play:

Use a mouse to be able to control your character.

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