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Rexo is a 2D Platformer where you play as a Cube and your aim is to collect all of the gems in each level to go to the next one while avoiding the spikes, and enemies. As soon as you collect all the gems, the red flag will become green and you can proceed to the next level. There are 8 levels to play and the difficulty will increase as you proceed. Have a great gaming time and make sure you discover our game list. Some of the most worth playing games at the moment areTwo Aliens Adventure and Paper Fold Origami Controls: Use the Arrow keys to control the movements of the Cube. Press Up arrow key twice to Double Jump. If you are using a mobile, you can use the movement touch buttons on the screen to play the game.

Jump Dunk 3D

With 3D stickman basketball models and physics ball-launching arcade game rules, Jump Dunk 3D requires you to shoot three goals first at each level. I strongly suggest you focus on the releasing position of the ball instead of the jumping stickman model. Don't forget to use the glass walls to make a clean shot! Do not hesitate to join your friends in this game to get a lot of fun together. You can enjoy more of what is in other similar games like Is It Golf at https://friv10games.club/ Controls: Tap to play.

Two Aliens Adventure

Two Aliens Adventure is a fun platformer game which is playable on Friv 2021. Control two aliens, at the same time, and try to grab all gems to unlock the next challenge. Do not hesitate to join your friends in this game to get a lot of fun together. You can enjoy more of what is in other similar games like Paper Fold Origami at https://friv10games.club/. Controls: On PC: Use the Arrow keys/ WASD to play this game On Mobile: Touch

Pit Stop Stock Car Mechanic

Pit Stop Stock Car Mechanic 3D is a nascar racing game like no other. In this game at Friv 10, your ultimate goal is to become the best pit stop crew and nascar racing car mechanic simulator on the motorsport circuit. Get ready for the most fun you’ve had with nascar stock car pit stop racing game! Whether you’re a casual racer or a die-hard fan of stock car mechanic. Update your favorite games list now if you love them and want to join them many times such as Stunt Moto Racing Controls: Use the mouse to move

Paper Fold Origami

Fold and create pictures very simple mechanics, only tap and fold. Once you start, it will be hard to stop. This will be one of the most relaxing times of your life. Good luck and you must know that many cool games are available on our site, right? Have a look at https://friv10games.club/ and Flying Parrot whenever you have time. Have fun! Controls: Tap the paper to fold

Flying Parrot

Flying Parrot is an endless flying game which is playable on friv free online juegos. In this game you have to rescue a parrot from obstacles and collect coins from platforms. These games use very good graphics, this game is suitable for every 6 +age group, it is a unique endless game for all players, when the parrot falls down, the game is over and you need to restart the game Do not hesitate to join your friends in this game to get a lot of fun together. You can enjoy more of what is in other similar games like Tiles Hop Ball Master at https://friv10games.club/. Controls: Hold anywhere on the screen  

Is It Golf

Is It Golf is a funny golf arcade game with 3D models which is playable on friv free online Games. According to the rules of golf, you are required to control all starting models including a golf ball, a sheep, a car, a chicken, and a closestool to get to the marked flag at each level. Try to adjust the launching power and avoid the drums for victory! Update your favorite games list now if you love them and want to join them many times such as Penalty Football Shoot Controls: Slide to play.

Saw Machine.io

Saw Machine.io is a relaxation vehicle survival game with 3D stickman models and vehicles. You are able to use your weapon ahead to attack other players on the platform. Don't leave too far even if you are avoiding damage. We recommend the same online games to players around the world like Rabbids Volcano Panicp. Get ready to take on the challenges now.  Controls: Tap and hold

Stervella in the Fashion World

Estelle loves fashion since childhood. But daring and unusual fashion! The girl mixes incompatible styles and blows the brain with her ideas. She decided to break through to the very top of the fashion scene and become a famous fashion designer, and even took a pseudonym for herself - Stervella. Let's help Stervella dazzle the audience with incredible outfits and accessories and become the greatest fashion designer ever! Do not hesitate to join your friends in this game to get a lot of fun together. You can enjoy more of what is in other similar games like Mermaid Lover In Beach at https://friv10games.club/ Controls: Mouse

Stickman Merge 2

Combine weapons in the action game Stickman Merge 2 and create more powerful guns, and then go to the shooting range against enemy stickmen. The goal of Stick Merge at Friv 10 is to combine different types of weapons to create more powerful cannons, and ultimat. Prepare your arsenal, upgrade your pistol, collect all bonuses and become the best shooter in the city. How powerful can you create a weapon in the fight against enemies? Stay here to find out! Join us in a very adventurous game. You will have more driving skills when you let your best friends participate in some other similar game genres like Stickman Team Force 2 Controls: On Desktop: Use mouse On Mobile: Touch

Tiles Hop Ball Master

Tiles Hop Ball Master is a ball jumping skillful arcade game. With 3D platforms and a white ball, you are supposed to control the real-time position of the ball to arrive at the top of the platforms at each level. While the ball is jumping on the platforms automatically, you could also collect some gold coins for more scores. Good luck and have a good time! Controls: Drag to play.

Mermaid Lover In Beach

Mermaid couples are fall in love with each other. Affection is really envy people. They come to the beach for a date, to help them make-up, pick the best set of clothes, let them leave the most beautiful memories! Controls: Mouse

Rabbids Volcano Panicp

Stay safe as long as you can and make your way on the collapsing floor before the other panicking Rabbids take you down with them! Controls: Stay safe as long as you can

Crazy Jokers 3D

Crazy Jokers kidnapped some people along with your best friend. What you have to do is, Collect more money and pass each round. You can save your friend only when you Beaten the Final round. Instructions: Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move Use upgrades to collect more money


BrawlBall.io is a fast-paced multiplayer football (soccer) game where you must be a team player and have the skill to climb the trophy leaderboards! You must log in with Discord to save your weekly trophies. Join a random team based on your trophies, or CREATE A TEAM and invite your friends to play against others! Do not hesitate to join your friends in this game to get a lot of fun together. You can enjoy more of what is in other similar games like Funrace .io at https://friv10games.club/. Instructions: Use the WASD to move Use the mouse to aim direction Click to shoot or tackle

Penalty Football Shoot

Play football with cartoon stars like teen titans, we bare bears, dc super hero girls, apple and onion, gumball, mao mao heroes, adventure time, Clarence. Enjoy playing Football Stars Controls: Mouse interact

Power Rangers Mission Impossible - Shooting Game

Power Rangers Mission Impossible - Shooting Game is a HTML5 game. This is a very cool fast game in which you play as a Power Rangers, you can collect all 10 types of weapons, various items for secret improvements, there will be many different enemies on your way and 6 levels with different types of difficulty and speed. Go as far as you can! Instructions: On PC: Jump ( W or Up Arrow key ), Shot ( Spacebar ), Throw bomb ( B ). On mobile devices: Touch

Stickman Team Force 2

A new Adventure begins in DobCorp Special ces called Stickman Team Force are recruited to bring order to the world, where an organization with high technology wants to take over the streets of the world helps to end the threat and become a leader. Instructions: Use Z or Click to Shoot Use C to change Hero The Space to Special

Cook And Serve

Serve customer as much as you can, earn coin and play in this awesome games! Controls: Use the mouse to play and keyboard

Fifa World Cup 2021 : Free Kick

Fifa World Cup 2021 : Free Kick: Win the champions league and be a hero of fifa soccer game. Controls: Mouse

Fast Food Restaurants

Wanna be a master chef of your own kitchen empire? Check out Fast Food Restaurants! Yummy Kitchen Cooking Game! This is the place where you can try all the cookbook recipes and make delicious meals in your yummy kitchen. Controls: Mouse

Holubets Home Farming and Cooking

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls is known as Holubets. Here in this game we will farm the vegetables in the home backyard and then use those vegetables in cooking the delicious Holubets. Come lets enjoy the game. Instructions: Use Mouse to control. Click, drag and drop

Asian Food Maker

Welcome to the best Asian cooking games for girls. Here you can learn how to make the most popular Asian dishes such as fried noodles, dim sum, spring rolls, fortune cookies and sweet dumplings. The intuitive interface and interactive gameplay will help you prepare beautiful dishes in the kitchen and prepare orders for your customers. Controls: Mouse


Eat as much food as you can and don’t waste any of them! You are a little cute flightless chicken that is hungry and needs to eat as much as it can! Use Arrow Key Or A or D to go Left and Right. Controls: Use the Arrow key Or A or D to go left and right.

Clash Of Stickman Warrior

Do you love something new Clash of Stickman Warrior game. Now with rivals with Best Shooting mission challenges . Shoot your rival Stickman and slove the shooting mission with Clash of Stickman Warrior game. Controls: The Space to shoot

Stickman Neon Warriors: Sword Fighting

You’re the Neon Sword Fighting Stickman: Fight the hacker warriors! It is the hacking war of 9999AD - in Stickman Neon Warriors: Sword Fighting you are a stickman ( humans evolved into virtual stickmen) and must fight the enemy hacker warriors using your cyber sword to restore order to the stick internet. - 3D Stickman and environment - Lots of sword fighting and killing - Neon Warriors Visual Style gamepad support Become the hacker hero warrior! The cyber stickman world depends on you! Sounds:freesound.org Music:Battle_Experiment_foxhead128 Controls: Use the Arrow keys attacks: asd, zxc

Stickman Brothers In Fruit Island 2

Stickman Brothers In Fruit Island 2 - New two players game dev by to43.com. This time their three brothers came to Fruitland Adventure. In the game, their task is to collect strawberries and apples. Come and explore with them. Controls: Player 1: A D move W jump Player 2: ← → move ↑ jump P3: J L move I jump

Parkour Stickman – Race

Take your running game to the next level as you race against the crowd in this clash to earn first place! Dash from rooftop to rooftop. Flip, jump and vault over obstacles to set all new records. Join others and compete to win the daily race for special rewards! Scale buildings around the city and land tricks to gain extra speed. Leave your opponents to rage as you take home the win! Test your ultimate skills as your race in famous cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo and more! Customize your character by earning epic outfits, unique back bling and special effects by winning races! Perform tricks to escape the crowd and set records! Controls: Use the mouse to play and keyboard

Stickman Epic Battle

Medieval themed stickman defense game with lots of action. Controls Mouse

Stickman Sniper

Move your stickman to avoid the enemy's attack and wait for the opportunity to attack the enemy. Can you accomplish this difficult task? Controls: Click to play

Stair Run Online

Stair Run Online is an adventure running game. You need to collect bricks. Build stairs across the obstacles with bricks. Avoid the red zone. It is easy and funny. You will meet kinds of obstacles, try to take over them. Collect as many bricks as you can. When you climb the top of the mountain in the end, you could earn a lot of coins. Controls: Tap to build stairs.

Guns Master

Lightning fast shooting gameplay unlike any other. Are you a good shot? Let’s find out! Note: Don’t forget to upgrade your arsenal. Get new guns in gun store and by completing the boss blacklists! Controls: Click your mouse to control the gun.

Kitty Doctor

Kitty Doctor is fun addictive hypercasual game. Little kitty is very ill treat her in the hospital. Controls: Mouse

Baby Beauty Salon

Baby Beauty Salon is a fun makeover game for girls with amazing graphics and customizations. You can customize up to 4 amazing baby girls. Play Baby Beauty Salon now! Controls: Tap to play

Merge Among Us

Merge Among Us: We promise you will love this puzzle game. It will help you to train your mind and relax. If you love 2048, x2, blocks puzzles – you will love this game! Controls: Use the mouse & touche to play

Among Us Characters Jigsaw

Among Us Characters Jigsaw game is a free online game and you have 6 images in three modes to play. Choose one of the modes for the game that you previously choose and start to play. Drag and drop the pieces to solve the puzzle and create an image. Enjoy, and have fun! Controls: Mouse

Among Us Jigsaw Puzzle Collection

Did you know that the famous game about space traitors appeared two years ago? Yes, that's exactly what it was, it's only now that it has risen in all the charts of games to the first positions in popularity. With this knowledge, you can "flash" in front of your friends, but in the meantime, we are moving on to a new adventure with funny colored astronauts. This time we will collect images of colored astronauts, and maybe in this way we will be able to identify the traitor? Our hero has not tried the puzzle method yet, so you will be the first to help him with this! Controls: Only mouse

Among Space Jigsaw

Among Space Jigsaw is a free online game in the jigsaw puzzle genre which is playable on Friv 2021. You have 6 images in three modes to play. Choose one of the modes for the game that you previously choose and start it to play. Drag and drop the pieces to solve the puzzle and create an image. Enjoy, and have fun! Controls: Mouse

Crazy Among Us Jigsaw

The puzzle game of Among Us characters is with you. These characters are crazy! Combine the pieces as soon as possible to see characters with different costumes. You can play at the level you want by choosing "Easy", "Medium", "Hard". Have fun! Controls: Mouse

Painting Among Us

Among us is a very popular game among children because its gameplay is quite interesting, and its characters in space are very attractive. In this fun game, you have to paint the character of among us with his space suit and give him the color that you like the most. Controls: Change color with the palette at the top. Press Esc to exit to select color. Press on the screen to paint and use the arrows to move the camera.

Among Us Coloring

Among Us Coloring is a free online coloring and kids game! In this game you will find 8 different pictures which have to be colored as fast as you can to obtain a great score at the end of the game. You have 23 different colors to choose. You can also save the colored image. Have fun! Coloring is a free online coloring and kids game! In this game you will find 8 different pictures which have to be colored as fast as you can to obtain a great score at the end of the game. You have 23 different colors to choose. You can also save the colored image. Have fun! Controls: Mouse or tap

Among Us Online Edition

Welcome to game Among Us Online Edition - game based on Among Us, but in this game you can play only solo and as imposter on the space ship. You can do sabotage on spaceship or killing them one by one and without being caught. Have a nice game! Controls: Only mouse

Among Us Match 3

Among Us Match 3 – this cool game is three in a row, in which you have to put the blocks of the same color in a series of three pieces or more to achieve the highest possible score, be careful to account the scale to the left did not fall too low, otherwise the game will be over. Enjoy the game! Controls: Use the mouse or touch to play

Among Us Jigsaw

Among Us Jigsaw is a free online game from genre of puzzle and jigsaw games. In this game you have a total of 12 jigsaw puzzles. You need to start from the first one and to unlock the next image. You have three modes for each picture: Easy with 25 pieces, Medium with 49 pieces and Hard with 100 pieces. Controls: Use the mouse or touch the screen!

Among Us Puzzle

You've never seen the Betweenus character like this, each graphic is a different adventure, sometimes at a Halloween party, sometimes dressed like an angel, sometimes policeman and chasing criminals, explore them all. Combine the pieces and complete the entire game in this puzzle game of 12 different Betweenus characters. When you are confused, press the magic button and make it easy by seeing the whole picture. Controls: Mouse or Touch

Among Us Coloring Book

Among Us Coloring Book is filled with joyful designs for kids. For those who love coloring and Among Us, this book is completely meet all expectations. Come to this book and enjoy the amazing adventure as you will have chance to see a bunch of different Among Us designs. This book is pretty helpful for you to relax and spend time with your friends and beloved ones. Grab this Among Us coloring book right away and enjoy hours of festive fun coloring our designs. Controls: Use the mouse or tap to play.

Among Us Bubble Shooter

Aim, match and smash all the bubbles in this relaxing color-matching adventure. To pop the bubbles, you must match three or more of the same color bubbles together, then fire the bubble that you are given into the pile of bubbles stacked in the play area. Try to pop all of the bubbles with least amount of shots. 24 levels to play. Enjoy! Controls: Tap and drag to change direction. Release to shoot.

Among Space Escape

How much far Hero can run In this action game you have to help Hero to run away from the evil Red Jump from asteroid to asteroid but beware of the hot ones Avoid the burning comets Be fast or the evil Red will catch you. Controls: Left-Small Jump Right-Big Jump

Among Us Shooting Boxes

Among Us Shooting Boxes is a game with the popular character from the most popular game Among Us. In this game the player must not fall to the surface. As it flies through the air, it fires at box obstacles. You have to hit each box as much as the number on it. So choose boxes with a smaller number to make way for other obstacles. Go through as many obstacles as you can before you lose your life. Controls: Tap on screen to play.

Among Us Jumper

Among Us Jumper is a very fun casual game that will test your skills. With taps on the screen, make the Among Us character climb as many platforms as possible, to score points and beat your records. Watch out for enemies and spikes. With the bomb you can eliminate all enemies on the screen and you can also collect shields and jumpers to protect you and add more points. Have fun and enjoy! Controls: Use the mouse or tap on the screen!

Among Dungeon

Go as far as you can in Among Dungeon a new exclusive game on Kukogames.com !!! If you like arcade and survival games with the adorable characters of Among Us, this game is for you, we assure you that you have a lot of fun, in this game the little character will seek to complete each level to get from one extreme to another, try to help him avoid the obstacles and dangerous enemies to reach your goal have fun with this excellent new game. In Kukogames, you can find many new games of Among totally free. Enjoy this adventure and casual game full of new arcade challenges, different traps such as blocks with pointed spikes that you can destroy yourself. In each level you must jump, dodge and walk carefully in a series of gloomy mazes full of villains and moving objects enjoy this new game and tell a friend! Controls: Use the keyboard arrows or use the buttons in the game on mobile devices.