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Dino Squad Adventure 2

Dino Squad Adventure continues from where it ended before This time another new character joins to the dinosaur team You can switch to the new dinosaur which has just added by pressing character switch key and you can have its skills Try to complete the game levels by fighting against bad dinosaurs and traps You should collect all of the golds in the game levels to complete them Controls: Player 1: Move: “W,A,S,D” Shoot: “F” Bomb: “G” Switch character : “Q” Player 2: Move: “ARROW KEYS” Punch: “L” Switch character: “U” To do wall jump, use jump key during you are hanging on the wall.

Color vs Snake

Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break the bricks. Try to break as many bricks as possible. Get additional balls and make the biggest snake ever! Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores! Features: - Free to play - Endless gameplay - Simple swipe control - Challenge your friends with the best highscore Controls: Mouse

Rabbit Samurai

Rabbit Samurai is a skill game which is playable on Friv 10. Swing, collect carrots and save your friends! Your goal is to find and rescue little mice from the mousetrap at the wolf's lair in the green land. Embark on an epic adventure where you can showcase your ninja skills with the help of your grappling hook and agile movements. Launch yourself from the rocket ninja cannon, collect carrots and crystals, avoid dangerous spikes and save all your mice friends! Controls: Use grappling hook Tap or hold down the left mouse button

Funny Bone Surgery

Funny Bone Surgery is an entertaining bone surgery simulator game. Leah went to play skateboard on the street, but she was distracted and hit a car. She got a nasty broken arm and foot. In this game at Friv 10, your mission is to help to cure her injuries and treat the broken bones! Controls: Mouse

Farm Heroes

Farm Heroes is a charming accumulative match-3 puzzler with lots of fascinating levels! Discover unexpected challenges on your way, use amazing boosters, and meet cute and funny animal friends. Controls: Mouse

Nightmare Runners

Nightmare Runners is the ultimate knockout game with both fun and surprising traps! Runners race at night and unknown traps and monsters can get in your way. The aim of the game is to advance in each race without being eliminated. Of course, this is not as easy as it seems; because there are many obstacles, traps and rivals... You can play the Nightmare Runners game against 1 Player online / bot opponents, or against your friend in 2 Player mode. You can unlock new skins and characters with the coins you get with game achievements. Controls: If playing single: Move: "W,A,S,D" or "ARROW KEYS" Jump: "SPACE" If playing two player: Player 1: Move: "W,A,S,D" Jump: "G" Player 2: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Jump: "L"

Escape the Dungeon

In the game, you need to help the little monster to bypass the dark room and lead to the exit. Each level has different layouts and traps. As the game progresses, the difficulty will . Controls: Use the mouse or Arrow keys to play

Skyscraper Run

Your city is on its own and there is no one to save it ... except you! Become the super hero of modern times. With your helmet, which conceals your identity, and your cape and super aerodynamic suit you can do it all! Climb the buildings and rid the city of all its pests. Be careful, some bad guys are tougher and stronger than others! Controls: Use the mouse or Arrow keys to play

Helicopter Escape 3D

Save the hostage! Use the Helicopter's maximum Firepower to Destroy the enemies Rain down fiery vengeance Controls: Use the mouse to play and Follow introduction

Om Nom Bubble

Welcome to Om Nom Bubble World Aim to shoot bubbles with the same color before time's up Collect Boosters to help you with hard levels. Explore wonderful graphics and sound effects. Let's pop some bubbles Controls Aim to shoot

Super Mario Bubble Shoot

Do you like Puzzle games? Do you love Mario? If the answer is yes then you should not miss Super Mario Bubble Shoot game. If you want to experience more exciting games like this, visit our website. Surely you have played through very famous games like super mario, super Mario bros? And if you like Mario and shooting balls, then you can't miss Super Mario Bubble Shoot Puzzle, a classic ball shooting game with balls in the shape of characters from the Mario world. Controls: Tap to shoot


Dunkbrush is a basketball skill game where you have to draw lines to make the ball fall into the basket. Make sure you spot the trajectory of the ball quickly, and draw the line that makes sure the ball goes in. Gather coins to unlock new drawing colours. Can you set the high score? Controls Click and drag your mouse to create a line.

City Rush Run

Do not let the police officer catch you. Run as fast as you can. Collect the coins to upgrade all the properties to get endless powers. How far can you run?! Let's experience the game now! Features: - Upgrade shop - Languages support: English and Russian Controls: Use the Arrow keys on desktops. Swipes on mobiles.

Stickman Shadow Hero

Play stickman hero robbing superhero gangster crime city. Tie your shoelaces to become the stickman hero in gangster city. Play as a flying stickman in adventurous superhero game. Mafia city need you to tear apart monsters by fighting gangster mafia in flying superhero game. Become a flying hero in a criminal city of gangsters and fight the murderers for the peace of the locality. Take the challenge as a real stickman hero in gangster mafia and take the lead by eliminating the monster from superhero game. Controls: Mouse

Gamer Girl Julie

Gamer Girl Julie is a fun girl game with amazing graphics and customizations. Controls: Tap to play

Hello Cats

Hello Cats: As a perfect integration of puzzle and collective game. Solving physics-based puzzles and collect cats! Welcome to this brand new cat shelter and start a journey of collecting and merging cats right now! Generous donation will be granted from cat lovers all around the world, so please invest it carefully and build a magnificent palace of various lovely cats! Features: - Freely and unrestrained drawing. - Delicate physics system and fun devices. - Open style puzzles, try make your own best solution. Controls: Mouse

Deadly Hunter Online

Find all the hunters and form a team to kill Jungle beast.Avoid obstacle and form a big team cause beast is not so weak! Controls: Mouse click or tap to play

Bridge Control

In the case of our Bridge Control game, you don’t need it, enough dexterity and skill. Your bridge is already ready, it only needs to be pushed into special gaps between the blocks. Simply slide it left or right so that the red bases fit exactly into the marked grooves. Everything is done quickly and deftly. Controls: Mouse

Mika's Candy Adventure

Mika's Candy Adventure is a casual puzzle game created by Fumingo. Your objective is to push cupcakes around and to get them to their correct locations. Once all the cupcakes are in their right spot, you will be able to advance to the next level. You can use the undo power-up to revert your moves, rethink and play again. This is the most delicious puzzle game ever made. Can you help Mika save all the cupcakes? Controls: Move - WASD / Arrow keys Zoom - Mouse wheel / Double swipe

Cricket World Cup

Choose your favorite team then try to win the Cricket World Cup! Challenge different countries as you try to earn enough points to win each match. Swing for the ball and make sure you do not miss! Score 1-6 points at a time as you attempt to reach the goal to move on to the next stage in the tournament. Controls: Mouse

Autumn Queen Beauty Contest

Autumn Queen Beauty Contest: As a stylist at the best salon, Fashion Doll is relying on you to up her beauty game to make sure that her look is gorgeous enough to win the crown as the beauty queen. At your salon, you’ll want to start with giving her a few spa treatments. They’ll work to relax her and make her skin look flawless under the lights at the contest. Design a pretty makeup look that accents her natural beauty that will help to give her an edge in the competition. The dress is the final touch, and it’s got to be good for her big night. You’ll need to dress her up in the perfect dress that makes her look like the beauty queen she will be at the end of the contest. Controls: Mouse

Draw Attack

The impostors are among us, and they're attacking the spaceship Gather your army, draw and lead them to victory Either drawing for fun, writing or scribbling, enjoy the army being summoned at your fingertip Instructions: Use the mouse to play

Cut For Imposter

Cut For Imposter is an arcade game about the adventures of a character named Imposter, who constantly wants to have a delicious meal. He has only one desire - to eat sweets suspended over his head. Feed the Imposter by cutting the ropes holding the candy, this will help send it straight into his mouth. Instructions: On Desktop: Use the mouse On Mobile: Touch

Dogecoin Yolo 3D

How do you like surfing on a coin? Dogecoin Yolo 3D is a skillful avoiding arcade game with 3D coins, green and red numbers. There is always a lowest marked score number. You need to collect green numbers to get more scores to complete the corresponding level. It doesn't matter if you crash red numbers. Even you lose all scores, you could still get numbers as long as you have a few distances to the finish line. Instructions: Tap to play.

Merge Cakes

Merge Cakes is a casual merge game which is playable on Friv10. Based on the basic premise of matching two cakes of a kind to obtain an improved cake, this addictive game builds up and absorbs you in this gratification maelstrom. You will find surprise gifts, rewarded ads to improve those gifts, purchasable upgraded cakes, new exotic recipes, new secret bakeries and much more. And besides all this, the game keeps playing while you’re offline, so players will always have rewards when they return. Are you ready for this delicious venture? Controls: Drag a dessert and drop it on the same dessert to merge them into a new recipe.

Life: The Game - Stay Safe

Play safe, stay safe! This version of Life the Game was created to inform players on some of the things we can do to stay safe during these difficult times. Try and complete the three new stages and gain some insights on how to stay safe. Level 1 - Social Distancing: Click / tap the screen to change direction and keep distance from others. Level 2 - Washing hands: Click / tap the soap and move it over the hands until they're fully covered in soap. Level 3 - Fever: Drag mous Controls: Mouse

Lumber Run

Welcome to Lumber Run! Chop the trees, cut the wood and run cross the river now! Axe down trees and convert them into wooden planks to run cross the river. The further you go the more expensive trees you axe. First one will win the level. Controls: Slide to Mmove. Hold to run.

Skiing Fred

In Fred Snowboarding, the protagonist goes to the slopes to enjoy winter sports! Play Skiing Fred and earn extra points by gliding past penguins, meteors and more. Unlock new equipment to make Fred ski, and most importantly, don't let Death and the Scythe catch up with fearless Fred! Controls: On the computer: use the arrow and spacebar buttons.

Jelly Party

Like colored objects attract and different colored objects repel. Use this principle to get all of the colored jelly orbs in the correct spot in this fun puzzle game. 25 challenging levels to complete and if you get stuck just click the Video button on the main menu to see the walkthrough video showing how to complete all of the levels. Controls: Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to control the jelly. Touch Controls: Touch the screen to have the jelly move towards the spot touched.

Batman Motor Racing

Batman Motor Racing is an absolute must-play racing game. It is one of our site's most popular game genres. Join us on our website for more games. Let's experience the exciting race with Batman in this game. Batman and his friends participated in a large-scale competition. They challenge each other to see who finishes with the shortest time will win. One thing that will make it difficult for them is that the path they use to compete will not be smooth, and they need to overcome it skillfully. If one of them is not careful, they will fall into the abyss, and the game will be over. Your role in this game is to help Batman control the moto through the ramps. Your help will help Batman win this contest. Controls: Use keyboard or button on screen.

Football League Sports Game

This just isn’t your ordinary point and shoot football game Football Legends takes the word legend to another meaning by giving your player the ability use various attacks and specials to fight. Want to use a flaming fist against your opponent to daze them? Go right on ahead, in fact, we encourage it! You have your choice of up to 8 different abilities so choose wisely and make sure to time your abilities! You can play for over 20 different football teams from around the world to show that your favorite team is the best and if they don’t agree remember that there are 8 different special abilities to knock somesense into them! Controls: Mouse

Tank Rumble

Tank Rumble is a great game begins for the persons who love tank battles. This game is different than the other games because it contains split screen gaming feature. In Tank Rumble game you can both struggle against your friend or against CPU or you can struggle against CPU with your friend. There are some map types in the game like “Free Map” and “Maze “Map”. Besides you can define the game modes as “Survival” and “Deathmatch”. You can collect various power-ups and gun upgraders to have advantage against your friend or have this advantage against the CPU and by this way try to win the battle! Controls: Player 1: Move: “W,A,S,D” Hit: “G” Player 2: Move: “ARROW KEYS” Hit: “L”

Car OpenWorld Game

Car OpenWorld Game is a realistic car games of 2021. Are you ready to drive amazing cars in the open world map? Would you like to race with other real drivers in the free roam mode? Fast and Grand is a racing simulator game that allows you to drive French & German cars in the city. There are tens of amazing cars in the game. You can customize or upgrade them as you earn money in the game. Also, you will see some competitors in the game. You can race with these competitors, drive together or chat with them. Dozens of players are waiting for you!  Instructions: Use the keysboard to control

Cat And Mouse

Swipe the screen and use a fork to repel the mouse that stole the cheese. Controls: Swipe the screen to shoot  

Extreme Rider 3D

Here is a simple bike riding simulation game with 3D bikes and ramps on the roofs of the buildings. The goal for you is to ride the bike to the finish line by means of overpassing all ramps and staying on the track all the time. Good luck! Controls: On PC: Use the WD or arrows to move On Mobile: Slide to move

Among Us Adventure Spaceship

Among Us Adventure Spaceship is a game with a lot of attraction that you can play here on friv 10 Games to play. Don't miss this game if you want to experiment with other gaming genres, such as skating. For additional information, please visit our website. The Imposter and his friends, who share a passion for skateboarding, practice through obstacles like stacked blocks in the game. It isn't the typical practice session; they're preparing for a competition. When you play, you'll see each individual go through the challenge in turn; if they pass, it'll be the turn of the next person. Let's join Imposter to help the team members train in the most effective method possible, and they may overcome obstacles with ease. Your actions will help the whole Imposter team in winning this game. Controls: Tap to control

Among Us Rescue

Among Us Rescue - The most fun and simple html5 game in the world! Help the man. He is tied up and confined in the room. Pull the bar to help him. Can he avoid the pinch of desperate life? It all depends on you! Controls: Tao to pull

SpongeBob Runner

SpongeBob Runner is fun running game suitable or all ages.Play SpongeBob Runner direct in your favorite browser or any mobile device for free. Your task is to protect your pineapple from incoming planktons that will ruin your home. On the way around, try to get the snail to gain boost and run faster. Play around and have fun. Controls: Use the mouse/ Arrow keys or tap to play on computer.

Fast Car Top Speed

Fast Car Top Speed is a 3D car driving simulation where you can race against time. It has 15 fast cars and 36 racetracks. Turbo car city Stunt features a vehicle purchase and development system. After each race, you can upgrade or customize your car or buy new cars. Don't forget to use nitro when you are in a state when your time is running out in racing. Get ready to break speed records with Fast Car Top Speed at Friv 10. Have fun! Controls: Use the Arrow keys or WASD to move Use N to nitro Use C to camera The Space to HandBrake

Zombie Killer Squad

This game will offer you to collect your own squad of zombie hunters and clear their native lands from them once and for all. Each member of the squad has his own unique type of weapon and abilities, someone masterfully owns a shotgun, someone a grenade launcher, and someone a sniper rifle. But collecting a good squad will not be enough, you have to constantly pump both themselves and their weapons. This can be done by destroying monsters and completing tasks. Controls: You will meet only ordinary zombies, but in the end you will be able to fight with their leaders.

Candy Boom

Candy Boom is logical puzzle game with candy which is playable on Friv 10. If you match two or more identical candy, when you click on them they will be destroyed. You have to do it in this game. But all candy are with different colors, they need to turn green to be destroyed. At the beginning of the game you have an explanation in which order the colors change, so you will know which candy you need to click first to change the color to green. When two green candy are destroyed, they release small balls that move horizontally and vertically and change the color of the other candies.There is 90 different awesome levels. Tap on candies and play. Controls: Tap on candies to play.

Cute Panda Supermarket

From now on, you are the manager of the supermarket in baby panda's town! You can run your own supermarket, sell all kinds of products, serve customers, and upgrade the supermarket! A busy day has begun! Let's start with stock replenishment: Snacks, fruits, and daily necessities, including potato chips, candies, apples, and toothbrushes. Controls: Use the mouse or tap to play.

Extra Hot Chili 3D

Pass the challenge of absorbing hot peppers moving through conveyors. Be careful, as you cannot eat anything else, otherwise the progress bar will gradually decrease. Controls: Mouse


Mini-Muncher is a logic puzzle, the main goal of which is to feed a voracious animal. The main goal of which is to feed a voracious animal.This can be done only by removing all obstacles and barriers in front of sweets. More than two dozen levels await you, which even a small child can cope with, but only the most persistent and intelligent players will be able to score three more stars per level. On this page you can play the online game Little Glutton for free. Controls: Mouse or touch

Among Us Commander Shoot Zombies

Among Us Commander Shoot Zombies is a shooting game which is playable on friv best Games. In the role of a commander, you will have to kill the monsters that are invading his planet planet and save all other. Controls: Virtual button on screen.