ShellShock Live

ShellShock Live: Control a tank and use different weapons to defeat your enemies. Be shelled on the battlefield as you fight against other players - live!

Bob The Robber 2

Bob The Robber 2 is the next version of the popular game Bob The Robber. Sneak behind others & avoid camera detection. Find security codes to enter & avoid setting off alarm

Heli Defense

Heli Defense is a war game on Friv 10 Kids and your task is destroy all your enemies and survive as much as possible! Use touch in mobile devices or mouse in computer to play.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a fun distance game at Friv10. Geometry Dash: You need to jump over all obstacles. Don't touch the spikes! Or you will have to restart!

Dragon Ball Z Goku

Dragon Ball Z Goku is the most fresh version of the popular Dragon Ball series game. Dragon Ball Z the greatest anime of all time. Enjoy helping Goku in this great puzzle fight.

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels: The smash-hit game! Play with millions of players around the world and try to choose your inadequately prepared racer, and ignore severe consequences in your desperate search for victory.

Freeway Fury 3

Freeway Fury 3: Leap from car to car while racing up the highway! Jump from car to car and let out some fury as you race through each highway strip before time runs out.

Apple Shooter Champ

You can play Apple Shooter Champ on Friv10 games. Use your bow and arrow in this cool shooter game and aim carefully to avoid a hit on your girlfriend!

Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter was inspired by Wilhelm Tell. Grab bow and arrow and try to hit the apple on the head of your friend.

Mighty Knight 2

Mighty Knight 2 is the second installment of the game series. The world once again needs the awesome might of your blade. To arms!

Battlegear Vs Humaliens 3

The domination between two game is back with massive ultimate armies! Who is better between Battle Gear or Humaliens Battle? You decide!

Dragon Fist 3

Dragon Fist 3: Select your character and  your task is to battle your way on the dragon fist arena and fight martial artists to be the champion, the best strategy is to be aggressive in attacking.

Agario is a free action IO game to play online at Your mission of the game is to eat cells smaller than you and don't get eaten by the bigger ones is an io game about killer sharks. Play as a shark kill other fish, complete the levels and upgrade your fish. Can you become the longest player of the day? If your head touches another player, you will explode and die. and UNBLOCKED is very popular games. Fly your airplane and shoot down other players while collecting points.

Moto X3M 2

Moto X3M 2 is back!The great motocross racing game takes you to the cold snowy mountains, where you have to prove you're the best dirt bike rider ever.

Toy Car Simulator

Welcome to the virtual world of toys! Long hours of fun are waiting for you in a world in which there are no limits, restrictions, or stupid rules. Whether you are sitting in a virtual taxi, a police car or a helicopter, you will always feel bound to the unique atmosphere of this world, perfectly crafted by cartoon graphics. The game offers several very interesting modes. First of them is free ride where you gain access to a huge map and absolute freedom in what you are about to do. Have fun. Toy Car Simulator is a 3D car simulator game from friv games. The game lets you play with dozens of toy cars! It's a game with various game modes: free ride in which you freely explore a big city and collect coins, highway mode in which you participate in an adrenaline pumped high-speed car race to collect coins and avoid traffic, and lastly arena mode in which you compete with other toy cars to eliminate each other. In the first 2 modes, your car relies on battery; fill it occasionally by picking up the red thunder power-up. Don't forget to collect coins to unlock more awesome rides, including a helicopter and even a tank! All of the game modes are guaranteed to let you have fun for hours!  Aslo at have a highway mode, where your best intention will be to avoid other vehicles, police cars, firetrucks... pretty much all obstacles on the road and to get as far as possible. Well, and last but not least, we have an arena here. The good old demolition derby, where only the most hardcore players will succeed. Hit, or get hit. The possibilities of fun are almost endless, you just have to choose!  A huge collection of Racing games is available on our site. Check out these following options if you have free time: 3D Night City: 2 Player Racing and Car Stunt Driving Controls: WASD or arrow keys to move Space bar to handbrake F to use nitro I to start ignition L to switch on/off lights

RoboFight .io is a cool first person shooter to play online and for free which is playable on friv games. Control a powerful and skillful robot on a battlefield full of enemies and try to shoot them down and lead your team to the victory. Jump through portals and use a variety of upgradable weapons to take on an arena full of other combatant from around the world.  Welcome to the future, welcome to the arena, welcome to your destiny! In this game at, you hunt down and take out opposing players in a first person shooting arena. You score points for how long you survive, how many opponenets you take out and howmany head shots you can get. The longer you play the more points you get, the more points you get the more equipment that you can unlock and equip. It is an ever evolving world og automatic weapons and tactical decisions. Do you think you can take down your opponenets before they take you down? Find out in,  the future of arena combat is now! If you prefer a private server to enjoy the game with your friends, feel free to create one on your own! Don't refrain yourself from exploring the possibilities with other gaming selections like and! Controls: Use WASD to move Mouse to aim / shoot Space to jump Shift to slide

Car Stunt Driving

Car Stunt Driving is a fascinating sports car stunt racing game which is playable on friv online games for free. Drive super fast and powerful cars on your favorite tracks and ramps to set new jumping records. You can select your favorite incredible cars from Garage. Challenge is on, buckle up guys and drive all over the city, off-roads, airports, ice lands and plains of dirt. The environment offers the real-time temptation of gems to collect them to unlock even more special vehicles to drive. Drive as fast as you can and explore extreme roads and ramps to let your car perform amazing stunts. Here, start speeding your cool luxury vehicle through a deserted city and perform the most amazing drifts and jumps. Find ramps and loops to set the highest score possible and collect gems to unlock new cars. At, there are no rules or restrictions and your car won’t suffer any damage, so just lay back and enjoy the speed. Have fun! With 3D eye-catching graphics and the attractive gameplay, I believe that this game will help you release stress in life. Besides, there are some similar games such as Deadly Car Race and 3D Night City: 2 Player Racing

3D Night City: 2 Player Racing

3D City: 2 Player Racing is a fun driving game which is playable on friv games free. You must compete in races throughout the city and attempt to earn cash to upgrade your vehicle and purchase new and improved sports cars. You can also work to unlock new maps and parts of the city to explore. The graphics are fantastic and the racing gameplay is a huge amount of fun. Take to the streets today and test your racing skills! This is a fun car racing game for 2 players to enjoy with one of your best buddies on the same computer. Play the single mode and win race after race to unlock new tracks and earn enough money to buy cool vehicles, like sports cars, police cars or an ambulance. Also at, you can choose the 2 player split screen mode to compete on the spots you have unlocked. Think you can afford each and every car and win on all locations? Find out now and have fun! Besides the elaborate gameplay, a variety of point of views and 3D graphics will create the most realistic experience for the fans of adventure games. Plenty of newly added options such as Impossible Stunts Cars 2019 and Deadly Car Race also have the best features and characters, so check them out!  Controls: Use the Arrow keys or WASD to drive

Deadly Car Race

Deadly Car Race is a cool racing game which is playable on Friv games free online racing. The game sets a new standard for mobile racing games with the most realistic driving experience in car racing, unlimited customization of a car, addictive game play with endless fun in car Racing. Here at, to prove your driving skills on lots of different levels packed with obstacles and deadly traps, enter your fancy sports car and step on the gas pedal to reach the finish line without destroying it. Car racing features with different car options and unlimited customizing features, plus different platform racing experience allowing you to race anytime anywhere . You will find all kinds of hurdles on your way, so control your speed and use your handbrake to drift like a pro. Earn money for every level you pass and buy new, better cars. Have fun! With 3D eye-catching graphics and the attractive gameplay, I believe that this game will help you release stress in life. Besides, there are some similar games such as Impossible Stunts Cars 2019 and Proton Coach Bus Simulator Controls: Use the Arrow keys or WASD to drive The Space to hand brake

Impossible Stunts Cars 2019

Impossible Stunt Cars 2019 is a challenging driving game with extremely dangerous tracks full of ramps and gaps which is playable on Friv games online.  Are you ready to enjoy ultimate car driving on sky roads by playing impossible tracks games? Get unique driving experience on impossible tracks by performing crazy stunts on ramps with super muscle cars. Be careful while racing the car to avoid impossible fall. Try to control a car speeding through really narrow paths and reach the finish line to pass to the next level. Perform some awesome stunts and drifts and avoid falling down. The green rings are your checkpoints, so whenever you reach one of those, you will respawn under it if you fall down. So at step on your gas pedal, use your handbrake, reach checkpoints and finish level after level to buy new cool cars. Have fun! Every level is thrilling and challenging that makes it most exciting car stunt game. Reach to the check point by doing serious stunts but you need to do this really fast to reach the finish line as racing time is limited. Enjoy the fastest and most exhilarating 3D stunts action on un possible path. Good luck!!! In addition, other special games similar to this game are also updated for game players in their free time such as Unfair Stunt and Proton Coach Bus Simulator. You will select those games and Save to your favorite game list to relax in your free time? Controls: Use the Arrow keys or WASD to Drive The Space to hand brake is a multiplayer game which is playable on friv games for free for fun. You can invite friends or any player to join the team or compete with you, making it a more exciting archery practice place than ever. Be careful otherwise you will be shot by other players. To survive, you must aim very carefully, act quickly to defeat the opponent. It sounds a bit like Hunter Game but it really is. You are in a real bow and arrow match. If you want to survive, the only option is to shoot the correct name and win. At, the free has 4 modes to play: primary arena, advanced arena for 5 maps and 30 skills, open arena (open arena) for unlimited name shooting. and midnight arena. You will start in the primary arena. Other modes will be unlocked once the player reaches a certain level. graphics are quite simple. The blue partitions divide the space into equal parts. Blue diamonds and red hearts scattered on the screen. Blue diamonds correspond to coins. Collect them a lot to upgrade skills and power faster. And the red heart gives you more life. Remember that you are not immortal in the game. You will lose one heart if someone hits you. Out of heart, means you will die and have to play again from the beginning. Share with your friends if they are also looking for new games to relax. We take the time to update numerous games for you such as 2 and Don't miss the chance to win today. Controls: Use WASD to move Click to attack is a simple but highly entertaining shooting game which is playable on friv games io 2019. If you love participating in multi-player death squads and competing top, add for iOS - a new .io game from Hotgames to your favorite game list. The game offers many tank models for you to choose from. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can customize the colors to express your own style and upgrade to enhance their power. At, your rankings depend not only on combat skills, tank types but also on the help of many help items, scattered on the map. Use those useful items to take advantage of your battle against other opponents. It is the game that many players around the world discover and relax after every working hour like and 2. Your choice is always respected.  Controls: Use the mouse to move Left click to shoot The Space to boost 2 2 is an engaging snake games which is playable on free games friv online. Your goal in online games brings survival factor 2 is to invade many territories as possible. Easy to play, but difficult to conquer, can you become a rich landlord? Each player entering the mortal arena 2 possesses a color of their own. You create the territory by moving your character on the map, so that the trace line leaves a closed loop. As such at, you create a variety of shapes of different sizes, but must meet a requirement that is the starting point and ending point are all within your existing territory. You can invade the territory very easily with your color trail, but that is also the weakness of each player. That's because when another opponent touches your path, the game ends immediately. In order to both invade the territory and preserve your life, you should use the strategy of "sub-modernization", which means moving with a small scale to prevent enemies. In addition, you also have the opportunity to participate in numerous other similar games like and Each game has its own content and you can save them to explore. Controls: Use WASD or arrow keys or move your mouse to control the movement.

Proton Coach Bus Simulator

ProTon Coach Bus Simulator is driving game that you can play here on friv game for boys. Imagine that you are a bus driver in the mountain area. The task for you is picking up the passengers in a certain area and sent them to the destination. During the driving process, you need to pay more attention to other running cars on the road. Find the ways according to the map on the left corner. Good luck! Here at, take people from a city to another, show them amazing places and landscapes. Open world map, incredible vehicles, wonderful interiors will make you feel a realistic Proton experience! and a wonderful Journey with this public bus. Much time! The list of players' names on the right side will be updated constantly. Will your name show up on the top spots or not? Show your flexibility with other special games such as Unfair Stunt and Cartoon Racing 3D from this collection.  Controls: Use the keyboard to play

Cartoon Racing 3D

Cartoon Racing 3D is a 3D racing game which is playable on friv online games. The drivers are superman. Control your driver to have a race with other opponents. You can collect coins and use the pops to help you during the race. When you win the game, you can upgrade your drivers with your coins. Good luck and have fun!  Cartoon Racing 3D free online cool game at is amazing funny 3d racing game in cartoon style, have fun with 3d cartoon cars in the 3d cartoon city. Enjoy the different racing cars and traffic and more will coming soon. Try to get highest Score and collect nitro to reach max speed and defeat your friends high score. Challenge yourself and defeat your high score and get niw high score and rich the max fun with Cartoon Racing 3D. Share with your friend's games for these girls. It is extremely simple that anyone can overcome. If you're curious, try to overcome the challenge and join many other similar games in our game list like Drag Racing and Unfair Stunt. Kids won't ignore them.  Controls: W or Up Arrow key for accelerator Left mouse to use items.

Helix Jump

Helix Jump is an easy and fun one-touch game with the 3D graphic which is playable on free friv game. You must successfully guide the ball through a slowly descending tower – you must rotate the tower so that the ball can fit through the gaps and avoid hitting the colored parts. Enjoy! This might sound easy but you must have great reactions and work fast. Aside from the ball progression, also at you must try and collect as many diamonds as possible. You can use different ball models and the background color changes too as you progress. Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth. See how far you can progress up the tower! In addition, you also have the opportunity to participate in numerous other similar games like Scalak and Happy Glass. Each game has its own content and you can save them to explore. Controls: Use the left/right arrow keys to make the platform turn to left/right.

Bus & Subway Runner

Bus & Subway Runner is the latest free 3D running adventure that you can play here on friv games free. We are bringing all new features for the players and fans of runner games. Rush, run, surf in unknown subways, explore the exit to escape from inspectors. Unlock new characters, and see how far you can run! Magnets can help you collect more coins. Run like hell and challenge your limit. Beautiful graphics, smooth running to control, drag left & right to avoid to rush far!  Your character moves forward automatically, and you must simply control his directional movements. The game features classic endless runner mechanics. Furthermore, you can also use your hoverboard to fly high in the sky and avoid all objects in your path! Beautiful snow, subways or bus combined scene! Unique scene design, perfect rush running game! Also at watch out for the balloons – if you grab these, they transport you to a special bonus level. Earn coins as you fly and use these coins to purchase new outfits and cool hoverboards to use. Can you escape the policeman and traverse the subway? More games will come soon giving you different gaming experiences. If you don’t want to choose which games to play first, then check out Run Sausage Run and Pet Subway Surfers Controls: Press left arrow or A to move left Press right arrow or D to move right Press up arrow or W to jump Press down arrow or S to slide Press left mouse button twice to use a hoverboard

Happy Glass

Happy Glass is a fun physics game which is playable on friv 10 games. The glass baby will be happy if you can help it filled up with liquid. Use a magic pencil to draw a line which is the only way to guide the liquid floating into the glass. Sounds easy but there are so many levels you need to solve, therefore, you need to consider how to use various objects to build the best way. It is also requested for your rich sense of fantasy. Join the game and have a great fun. Try to find the best way to complete each level. You can come up with your own solution so be creative and don't be afraid to think out of the box! There is more than enough water to fill the glass to the required amount but be careful! Spill too much water and you will need to retry the level. At, there are 100 challenging levels to complete. Good luck! In addition, other special games similar to this game are also updated for game players in their free time such as Hole In One. and Up Left Out. You will select those games and Save to your favorite game list to relax in your free time? Controls: Use the mouse to draw a line

Math Balloons Addition

Math Balloons Addition is a wonderful skill game that you can play here on friv math game. This is a math game for preschoolers. Practice both your addition and subtraction skills in this fun math match 3 game. Use your addition & subtraction skills to remove balloons to make groups of same colored balloons. Make matches over all of the colored squares to complete a level. Children will have fun and enjoy this game. The game will be a question and balloons floating. The answer lies with the balloons and you must answer correctly before the bubble afloat. Decide whether or not the stated summation is correct or not (by clicking true or false).  Check out at Don't hesitate to unlock all the tasks today and other similar games like Block Shooter and Math For Kids. Save on your favorite game list to join.

Block Story

Block Story is an awesome Minecraft clone that you can play here on friv games. It's your mission to become stronger and impregnable to survive in a world full of blocks. So explore with your avatar the infinite 3D world, hunt down animals to eat and mine resources to create new structures, buildings, tools and weapons. Let the block story begin! Complete quests to conquer diverse biomes and become the greatest warrior in the realm. Build strongholds, encounter a wide variety of creatures, battle boss monsters, and mine valuable resources to upgrade weaponry, access better equipment and create artifacts to summon monsters of all sorts -- including dragons! The first chapter of your story begins... Do not miss the game if you are ready for the upcoming special things. In addition, also introduce players to similar new games with this interesting game such as Farm Clash 3D and Mob City Controls: Use the WASD to Move / Swim Space to Jump Mouse to Move Screen / Use Item / Choose Block / Attack / Mine