ShellShock Live

ShellShock Live: Control a tank and use different weapons to defeat your enemies. Be shelled on the battlefield as you fight against other players - live!

Bob The Robber 2

Bob The Robber 2 is the next version of the popular game Bob The Robber. Sneak behind others & avoid camera detection. Find security codes to enter & avoid setting off alarm

Heli Defense

Heli Defense is a war game on Friv 10 Kids and your task is destroy all your enemies and survive as much as possible! Use touch in mobile devices or mouse in computer to play.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a fun distance game at Friv10. Geometry Dash: You need to jump over all obstacles. Don't touch the spikes! Or you will have to restart!

Dragon Ball Z Goku

Dragon Ball Z Goku is the most fresh version of the popular Dragon Ball series game. Dragon Ball Z the greatest anime of all time. Enjoy helping Goku in this great puzzle fight.

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels: The smash-hit game! Play with millions of players around the world and try to choose your inadequately prepared racer, and ignore severe consequences in your desperate search for victory.

Freeway Fury 3

Freeway Fury 3: Leap from car to car while racing up the highway! Jump from car to car and let out some fury as you race through each highway strip before time runs out.

Apple Shooter Champ

You can play Apple Shooter Champ on Friv10 games. Use your bow and arrow in this cool shooter game and aim carefully to avoid a hit on your girlfriend!

Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter was inspired by Wilhelm Tell. Grab bow and arrow and try to hit the apple on the head of your friend.

Mighty Knight 2

Mighty Knight 2 is the second installment of the game series. The world once again needs the awesome might of your blade. To arms!

Battlegear Vs Humaliens 3

The domination between two game is back with massive ultimate armies! Who is better between Battle Gear or Humaliens Battle? You decide!

Dragon Fist 3

Dragon Fist 3: Select your character and  your task is to battle your way on the dragon fist arena and fight martial artists to be the champion, the best strategy is to be aggressive in attacking.

Agario is a free action IO game to play online at Your mission of the game is to eat cells smaller than you and don't get eaten by the bigger ones is an io game about killer sharks. Play as a shark kill other fish, complete the levels and upgrade your fish. Can you become the longest player of the day? If your head touches another player, you will explode and die. and UNBLOCKED is very popular games. Fly your airplane and shoot down other players while collecting points.

Moto X3M 2

Moto X3M 2 is back!The great motocross racing game takes you to the cold snowy mountains, where you have to prove you're the best dirt bike rider ever.

Power Badminton

Power Badminton is an awesome side-scrolling badminton game which is playable frivcomfriv. In this game, you must show off your skills with a racket and shuttlecock. You must play against a computer controlled opponent and try to win as many matches and points as possible.    You must utilize a range of different shots and smashes and try to win the game. You can choose from various character options. There is an also power up that you can use to make your shots more powerful. Show of your power badminton skills today!   Do not forget to share with your friends the fun in the game. And if you like you can play more games like Soccer Physics and Basketball 2 at Why you don’t share these games with your friends?   Controls: AD or left/right arrow to move J or K to swing L to smash

Santa Snake

Santa Snake is a cool multiplayer IO game with a cute Christmas theme that you can play here on friv games for free. In this game, you must battle against other Christmas snakes to create the largest and most deadly snake in existence. Move around the map and collect the food scattered on the floor - this will make your snake longer.    Now enjoy the classic Christmas snake game, select your favorite Christmas style and face the other players. There is only one rule to play the game, eat others to grow and not be devoured by other snakes. Good luck - Play Santa Snakes Free and Enjoy!   You must then try and take out the other snakes by making them crash into you! Watch out though, if you crash into them you will die and have to restart! Can you become the best Santa snake in the arena and beat all of your opponents?   And if you love this game, play some other games like and at to have more relaxing moments in life. I bet that you will experience many interesting things with this game. Are you ready to start the game? Do not worry because the game is very attractive. Let's go!   Controls: Press left or right mouse button to boost speed.


Sokoban is a classic Japanese puzzle solving game which is playable friv games online. You need to move all of the boxes into the correct locations. The boxes will be pushed in single directions by the character; meaning you can move them left, right, up or down. Simple options will suit the kids and the job more complicated, with multiple levels of difficulty - experienced gamers. Think ahead before making your moves as you will quickly become stuck as the levels become more difficult.   Here, there are 20 difficult levels to complete, all of them have boxes that are required to be positioned correctly. Each level also saves your move count, meaning that you need to try to complete each one in the least amount of moves possible. Have fun!   Share this interesting game with your friends! You may want to play the following games: Sum Blocks and Scalak. Hundreds of games with many new and enjoyable things are waiting for you at, and you at an easily explore them with a few clicks.   Controls Move using the arrow keys or WASD U to undo a move, or press the in-game icon Hold R to restart the level, or press the in-game icon Press H to highlight the goal tiles Mobile users can tap the screen to move

Princess Sea World Gala

Princess Sea World Gala is a Dress Up game which is playable online friv for free. Princesses Elsa, Snow White and Belle were invited to join a party hold by Ariel. But they meet a strong storm and fall into the deep sea. Luckily, they all become mermaids! Now can you help them dress in mermaid style and decorate the deep sea? Have fun!   This is a simple game but it is very funny and interesting. In this one, you will assist Princess Ariel to make her palace to welcome her BFFs as Elsa, Snow White and Belle. Because she want to prepare Sea World Gala party at this weekend. You will dress them up in mermaid style to enjoy the gala. Very simple to play this game, you just use your mouse and click all the items as you like.    In the first game at jogos frivcom, you will choose the mermaid style for each princess. You will choose the top, dress, crow for Elsa. After that, you will help other princess to do the same thing as Elsa. Please don't forget to take some accessories for her as earring, necklace, ..... When everything for dress of those Princess is done, you will go to next the page of game and start to decorate the sea place. You will choose the nice decorate and decorate place more nicer.    You may want to play more similar games like Bonnie's Surprise Proposal and Princess Mermaid Parade. Check out our site and you can find many different genres with a lot of fun games updated every day!   Controls: Use the mouse to play this game

Lambo Drifter 3

Lambo Drifter 3 is the third installment of the awesome lambo drifter series which is playable friv10 unblocked. Play a great game where you will be going through individual drifting styles. The vehicle has incredible performance and you have to manage not to win and win all races.    The game offers nice graphics and simple controls. Here at friv online, choose from the beginning what car you will actually control. Your drifting skills will be pushed to max once again as you will be awarded point for the length of your drifts around each corner.    As usual there will be a set time limit. This time limit will mean that you will need to maximize every single opportunity to complete your drifts. Go through each turn as a master and collect a high enough score. It's not that easy. Make sure that you complete them without coming into to contact with anything as your points will not count. Good luck!   We keep updating other driving games in your favorite theme like Extreme Drift 2 and Offroader V6. Each game is shared at Please invite your friends to join their favorite games on our website right now. You have the new journey to explore.    Controls Use the WASD or arrow keys to drive Space bar to use handbrake C to change camera

Bonnie's Surprise Proposal

Bonnie's Surprise Proposal is one of the girls games from Friv 10 play 2018 which you can play in your browser for free. A Surprise Proposal is a very special moment in the life of a happy couple, and today you have to help this gorgeous guy pick the most perfect ring for her beloved girlfriend Bonnie. Sneak into her room to measure her finger size. Don’t wake her up or you will ruin the big surprise!    First of all your mission in this game at frib v online games is to measure Bonnie's , which is of course Barbie, ring size which is not going to be easy and you really have to focus in order to do a good job. Once you have its size, put all your creativity to a test and create a statement piece of jewelry by using precious stones, delicate decorations and your favorite color of gold. Next you get to choose the most gorgeous bridal dress for our beautiful bride and a flawless tuxedo for our groom. Have a great time!   You may want to play more similar games like Elsa's Little Blue Dress. Check out our site and you can find many different genres with a lot of fun games updated every day!   Controls: Use the mouse to play this game

Stickman Briefcase

Stickman Briefcase is the frantic arcade game which is playable school friv online games. You control a stickman caught in the middle of a storm. This no ordinary storm though! This is a storm of missiles falling from the sky on the stickman's head. Make sure to avoid bombs that fall from the top, for as long as possible, because the longer you go, the more points you get in return.    In addition, there are going to coin laying around, therefore at juegos friv 3, make sure to grab them for extra points as well. Start now, enjoy, and don't hesitate to tell all of your friends about this website, because the more we are here, the better for everyone!   Once that you have survived long enough you will start to see diamonds appear, collect as many as you can still making sure to avoid the missiles and you will unlock the special abilities of your supper strong briefcase. Use this to protect yourself and survive that bit longer! Good luck!   Do not forget to share this fun game with your friends. And if you like it, play some other similar games such as Stickman Fighter in Explore these games and laugh happily every time now!    Controls Use left and right arrow to move Press space bar to use a briefcase is the multiplayer game which is playable friv online Games for kids. Enter the arena of jelly slimes and paint the map with your color! Show them who is the biggest of the paint war in 90 seconds! Try to dominate the play are by splashing your slime everywhere. The winner of the game is decided by the amount of their color slime that has covered the white area, slide around the map to start painting your slime.   As you begin to cover area with your slime you will gain upgrades that will help you cover more area quicker and more effieicently. As you grow in size bully smaller players and cover even more area with ease. Have fun!   The more you manage to color the territory, the bigger will be your hero. Therefore at friv 100 juegos, you can absorb smaller players. Who in the game will have more territory after 90 seconds will win. In this one, you will also be given new levels and bonuses. The game is available for PC and Mobile iphone, devices.    Do not forget to share with friends to discover the game with the highest score at We are always updating new games for players from all over the world with different ages. You are ready for the difficult challenges of this game and other similar games like   Controls   Use your mouse to move the slime.

Elsa's Little Blue Dress

Elsa's Little Blue Dress is one of the dress-up games from Friv play 2018 which you can play in your browser for free. Tonight, Elsa is going to a modern party and the required dress code is a blue dress. Blue is the color of modern royalty and with a proper decoration, you can transform it into any style that you want. So let's start the mission and show your talents and skills!    Oh no! She hasn't been able to prepare everything. In order to shine brightly at the party, she needs you as a professional designer to decorate a fashionable blue dress for her. Here at juegos friv 3, in the first step, you can choose the type of the dress, then choose the suitable shade of blue and design the style of the dress lastly.   You can choose to make a fabulous dress with a fluffy bottom part, or a classy dress with its simple fringe. Whichever style you choose, keep in mind that you can always glam up the dress a little bit using the available diamonds and jewels. Take your pick among the shoes and accessories collections as well to add up to the final outfit. Finally, it's crucial that you do Elsa's make up.    Do you want to show your skills and style? Share the game with your friends to challenge them. Rate it by giving stars and write your thought in the comment box. also has some games for you like Harley Quinn Villain Princess   Controls:  Use the mouse to choose the items. 

Iphone X Decoration

Iphone X Decoration is fun game which is playable www friv 2. If you bought a new iPhone X, how would you decorate it? Play this game and try to design a iphone x you like.    Maybe not all of fun have smartphones, well in this new girl gasme you are all going to have smartphones. In this game at girl games 2 play, your mission is to decorate it and we are sure you can do a very good job and the decoration are going to be very diverse so you can choose from Peppa Pig, Frozen, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you have a lot of options to choode from and we are sure you can make the iphone x look amazing. Have fun and good luck!   Dear kids and check out this amazing new Iphone X Decoration which clearly sounds like a lot of fun and the most important thing for us, the administrative team of the site is to always give you the cutest gasmnes to play and we are sure you are really going to enjoy this Iphone X Decoration which sounds fun.    You can invite your friends to play together and compete to find out who is better. Many fun games are waiting for you at Check out Iphone X Makeover   Control:  Tap on screen on mobile phone and mouse click on PC.

Simon Says

Simon Says is a classic game which is playable juegos friv 10. This game is fairly easy, but it can quickly turn into a challenge, especially if playing in a large group. It sounds very simple right? Although this game goes by many names worldwide, the fun, basic rules tend to remain the same. Well you will soon learn that Simon is a tricky fellow and will string combinations of colors that you need to try and repeat.   There are four colors: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. They will begin to blink in a sequence. You must repeat the sequence correctly in the exact same order. Tell the students to listen to the instructions you will give them, they can follow your actions too but at some stage you will try and trick them so they have to be very careful not to get caught out.    Each repetition will get longer and longer until you eventually make a mistake and game over! Therefore at www friv comn, try to get as far as you can to register a high score. It's a simple, fast activity that is great for improving listening skills and is especially fun for younger students who love moving around. Good Luck!   I bet that you will experience many interesting things with this game. And then if you love this game, play some other games like Tripolyon at Are you ready to start the game? Let's go!   Controls:  Use the mouse to play this games


Particlo is the single player bubble game which is playable friv 10 play. This is a game where nearly everything is made out of balls or circles, beating any level will depend on how good you get controlling those vehicle physics. You need to defeat your opponents before they get the opportunity to defeat you. If you do manage to get defeated then you will have to start from the very beginning.   The game has 25 levels but it gets difficult fast, with the last levels nearly impossible to beat. Your mission in Partic io at www.friv.comfriv4 is to pass all the level one by one. At the beginning you'll be forced a very detailed tutorial, you'll quickly learn how to control your character: move, fly, balance, fight and so on.    There is also an awesome multiplayer mode where you can fight in different area or race against one another for added fun. In multiplayer you can fight in different arenas or race with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 players. Each time you beat a player you gain points (half of the player with the least points inside the arena). As you gain points you will get to fight with the best players in your current server, so if you are good you will climb fast to the top but if you lose you will fall harder.   We appreciate your comments so much. Find a variety of games such as Space Speed at Share our games with your best friends. Rate them highly.   Controls: Use the arrow keys to move The mouse to attack.

Offroader V6

Offroader V6 is an awesome 3D game of driving exploration which is playable www friv cpm. It is definitely an awesome 3D bet on driving exploration that you can race via a large open-world and city. Explore the city and see what buildings and roads you can find. If you tire of the city, you can head out into the countryside and drive along winding and barren stretches of rural track. Practice your driving skills, explore the beautiful city and just have a blast driving!   Before you decide to mind out in to the open city, you may choose your automobile - there's a variety of different vehicles to select from including sports cars, trucks, or even a giant eco-friendly bus. Without any traffic or pedestrians, you are able to drive however you want without any effects! Have fun with friv 12!   Take a glance at and seek new games such as Bus Simulator: Public Transport. Introduce them to your good friends and make comments on our games. Rate the games bygiving star.    Controls Use the WASD or arrow keys to drive {1,2} to change the car Space bar to use handbrake T to enter slow motion Enter to reset car E to eject payload Y to reset scene P to pause is the newest survival game that you can play here on school friv. In this game, you need to stock combustible materials, because it can colder and your character needs to ignite a bonfire for heating. Collect firewood for fires, for this cut the axe trees and fold them in a certain cell. In the game you will meet opponents who want to destroy your character and get his property, and in this case, you must have a weapon that you will defend yourself against enemies.   Here at friv 10 free online games, you will fight for your life and it is necessary to overcome a lot of difficulties that you will accompany in the process of the whole game. The first task for your character is to get food and water, without which his life is impossible. To find these necessary elements, you need to work with the environment first.   Remember that is a multiplayer game where all the opponents are real players and everyone wants to save his character no less than you. Save your earned property, and do not forget to feed and drink your character in time. Just always look on the sides, not to get into the red zone.    Visit and introduce this game to friends. If you think this game is great, rate it with 5 stars. Make remarks on it and explore   Controls ★ Use the arrow keys or WASD to move ★ Left click to hit ★ E to interact ★ Shift to speed up ★ M for map ★ C for Craft and Skills

Punch Boxing Championship

Punch Boxing Championship is the immersive 3D boxing game that you can play here on www friv comn. Champions aren't born, they are made! The game offers fighting game fans an adrenaline pumping world of boxing action, makes you feel that as you are watching real boxing live stream just in the boxing match. Enjoy!   Polished animation and stunning 3D graphics bring the real boxing experience to your hand, while intuitive touchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun. Here at juegos friv 10, there are three exciting game modes for you: quick match, tournament and career mode. Realistic scene, including boxing ring, boxing timer, boxing bell and boxing clock. Lace up your gloves and box your way to the championship belt.    Plan your tactics based on your boxing style and dominate the ring. Once you progress through the game, there are unlockable boxing characters to control all, with their own special traits that you can utilize. You must box like a champion and knock out your opponents to win each match. Have fun and good luck!   Are you a fan of boxing game? Don’t forget to rate the game highly and share it. More similar awesome games are waiting for you at such as Ultimate Boxing and World Boxing Tournament   Controls: Q/A to do a cross punch W/Z to do a right uppercut Y key to do a left uppercut E key to do a right hook T key to do a left hook U key to do a right overhand I key to do a left overhand D key to dodge punch S key to block punch


Dots FRVR is the super fun arcade game which is playable frivv 10 games for free. Enjoy this simple, elegant and hooking puzzle. Your mission is to join at least three of the same color dots for them to disappear and allow more dots to drop down from the sky. Attempt to match like-colored dots in order to make them disappear! Clear every challenge doing dozens of combos and breaking your own record! Have a wonderful time!   At www.friv.con, you must think and act quickly, there will be colored bombs that require you to join them into a combination of dots within a certain number of moves. Join massive combos for extra points to assist you reach that high score. Destroy them before the move limit. Avoid them exploding and ending the game. Have fun and good luck!   Make it a good shot! Enjoy more puzzle games at such as Trim FRVR. If you think that our games are cool, please play more different good ones, comment and rate them with 5 star now.   Controls Hold the left mouse button to connect the dots. is a great combination of and Bomberman game which is playable friv kids best games for free. As you know, this is an IO games type, your mission is to use bombs as a weapon to destroy your enemies and lease kill as more as possible to get the high score.    At Friv 10 games, your the only weapon're bombs. Let's have a look how to deal with them. Use your highly tuned battle skills and pure will to survive to defeat all of the enemies who are desperate to put an end to you. When you fight against other bomber players, you will be attacked from all angles. And you will fight as a bomb-wielding elemental in a giant, outdoor arena to get the highest score on the leaderboard. Don't hold your bombs too long as they will explode in your hands! You can play with up to 100 other players. Have fun and good luck!   I hope that you will like this game and come back here to play more game such as at Please comment and rate the game 5 star!   Controls Use the WASD or arrow keys to control the character Hold left mouse button to charge bomb, release to throw Right click to deflect bomb {1234} to purchase an upgrade Press Space bar to sprint

Death Car

Death Car is a great io game about crashing your opponents' cars with your own car which is playable friv 10 kids best games for free. Get ready to race and destroy your car. The game will offer you the thrill of a lifetime. Attempt to smash, or jump from most extreme crash points. To boost the damage you can get your motor rev up and run faster by using the nitro boost. Compete with other players and crush their cars. Enjoy!   To start, get into your dream car and start driving around in the arena to hit other cars! Do not forget to avoid others as they want to destroy you too. Destruction has never felt so real as you see doors and other car parts smash of your car. Have fun!   Take a glance at Search for new games such as Introduce them to your good friends and make comments on our games. Rate the games 5 star.    Controls: Left click to boost speed.

Masked Shooters Assault

Masked Shooters Assault is the actioned packed online first-person shooter in which is playable friv best games for free. You must battle other online players in foot to ground warfare. Sharpen your skills and warfare tactics as you take on a host of other online players in the ultimate gun fight to become an elite shooter. You can kill in an abandoned factory, or in an arena where you can effectively cover, or shoot on enemies from high towers. Much fun!   You can play this multiplayer online friv shooter game with friends or people from across the globe. You battle in two different game modes: First one is FFA, there are no rules and everyone is against each other and the second one is the classic mode of two teams that fight each other and you can choose from three maps that represent different game modes. In addition, you have the freedom to create game modes where you can restrict specific weapon for the ultimate warfare experience. Have fun and good luck soldier!   Share the game with friends and rate it 5 star at Comment on it and seek other games like Cube City Wars   Features ✔ 2 game modes to play ✔ 4 cool maps ✔ You can create a room with certain weapons restriction ✔ Up to 16 players in a room   Controls Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move/ switch weapons The l eft mouse button to fire R key to reload Press Space to jump