ShellShock Live

ShellShock Live: Control a tank and use different weapons to defeat your enemies. Be shelled on the battlefield as you fight against other players - live!

Bob The Robber 2

Bob The Robber 2 is the next version of the popular game Bob The Robber. Sneak behind others & avoid camera detection. Find security codes to enter & avoid setting off alarm

Heli Defense

Heli Defense is a war game on Friv 10 Kids and your task is destroy all your enemies and survive as much as possible! Use touch in mobile devices or mouse in computer to play.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a fun distance game at Friv10. Geometry Dash: You need to jump over all obstacles. Don't touch the spikes! Or you will have to restart!

Dragon Ball Z Goku

Dragon Ball Z Goku is the most fresh version of the popular Dragon Ball series game. Dragon Ball Z the greatest anime of all time. Enjoy helping Goku in this great puzzle fight.

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels: The smash-hit game! Play with millions of players around the world and try to choose your inadequately prepared racer, and ignore severe consequences in your desperate search for victory.

Freeway Fury 3

Freeway Fury 3: Leap from car to car while racing up the highway! Jump from car to car and let out some fury as you race through each highway strip before time runs out.

Apple Shooter Champ

You can play Apple Shooter Champ on Friv10 games. Use your bow and arrow in this cool shooter game and aim carefully to avoid a hit on your girlfriend!

Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter was inspired by Wilhelm Tell. Grab bow and arrow and try to hit the apple on the head of your friend.

Mighty Knight 2

Mighty Knight 2 is the second installment of the game series. The world once again needs the awesome might of your blade. To arms!

Battlegear Vs Humaliens 3

The domination between two game is back with massive ultimate armies! Who is better between Battle Gear or Humaliens Battle? You decide!

Dragon Fist 3

Dragon Fist 3: Select your character and  your task is to battle your way on the dragon fist arena and fight martial artists to be the champion, the best strategy is to be aggressive in attacking.

Agario is a free action IO game to play online at Your mission of the game is to eat cells smaller than you and don't get eaten by the bigger ones is an io game about killer sharks. Play as a shark kill other fish, complete the levels and upgrade your fish. Can you become the longest player of the day? If your head touches another player, you will explode and die. and UNBLOCKED is very popular games. Fly your airplane and shoot down other players while collecting points.

Moto X3M 2

Moto X3M 2 is back!The great motocross racing game takes you to the cold snowy mountains, where you have to prove you're the best dirt bike rider ever.

Masked Shooters Assault

Masked Shooters Assault is the actioned packed online first-person shooter in which is playable friv best games for free. You must battle other online players in foot to ground warfare. Sharpen your skills and warfare tactics as you take on a host of other online players in the ultimate gun fight to become an elite shooter. You can kill in an abandoned factory, or in an arena where you can effectively cover, or shoot on enemies from high towers. Much fun!   You can play this multiplayer online friv shooter game with friends or people from across the globe. You battle in two different game modes: First one is FFA, there are no rules and everyone is against each other and the second one is the classic mode of two teams that fight each other and you can choose from three maps that represent different game modes. In addition, you have the freedom to create game modes where you can restrict specific weapon for the ultimate warfare experience. Have fun and good luck soldier!   Share the game with friends and rate it 5 star at Comment on it and seek other games like Cube City Wars   Features ✔ 2 game modes to play ✔ 4 cool maps ✔ You can create a room with certain weapons restriction ✔ Up to 16 players in a room   Controls Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move/ switch weapons The l eft mouse button to fire R key to reload Press Space to jump

Downhill Rush

Downhill Rush is a cool online multiplayer mountain bike racing game which is playable friv games for free. In frantic action, you have to race against other riders. Race down the hills going over the jumps and catching crazy air. Make sure that you cross the finish line first and leave all of your competitors in your dust.   You play as a professional cyclist riding through uneven, deserted areas with dirt paths. You must master three key elements include stamina, balance and being able to knock the crap out of all other competitors. You must win at all costs! On the way to the finish line, you will find interesting objects to use against your opponents. Therefore at Friv 10 best games, learn how to use them and get rid of them.    Play against the CPU or against other players from around the globe and win on all stages to become the greatest ever. Enjoy this crazy bike race. Doing everything in your power to win.   Tell playmates about this game of Asses the game highly and let us know how you feel about it. Look for the same games such as 3D Moto Simulator 2   Controls Use the WASD or Arrow keys to ride Press Space bar to attack P key to pause R key to reset position C key to look back

Princess Mermaid Parade

Princess Mermaid Parade is the beautiful fashion game which is playable friv dress-up best games for free. It is time to put your fashion skills to the test again in another themed fashion game. Your task is to help Disney princess mermaids look their very best by creating a selection of stunning outfits. Have a great time!   Today, four of your favourite Disney Princesses: Anna, Snow White, Rapunzel and Jasmine are getting ready to attend the annual Mermaid Parade on New York’s Coney Island. It’s one of the most awaited summer festival. They surely spend a lot of time gathering everything needed to make a splash, … and they just need your helping hand to mix and match all those clothing pieces and underwater world inspired accessories. Come and join the princesses in getting this ‘Disney Princess Mermaid Parade’ dress up friv game for girls started and see what jaw-dropping looks you can put together for them.    Select a colourful mermaid dress for Frozen Princess Anna and go for a two-pieces combo for Snow White. By mixing one of those flowery bra-tops with your favourite glittery scale skirt. After that, take care of Princess Rapunzel’s festival look and cover her face in a sequinned face design. For Jasmine, you will choose an over-sized head accessory and some statement jewellery! Looking good, ladies!    Please rate the game dress up with 5 stars. Tell me your feelings of it. Share the game with your best friend to have fun and discover other related games such as Princess Spring Shopping at   Controls Use the left mouse to choose an outfit.

EF Universe: Endless Battle

EF Universe: Endless Battle is the cool clicker adventure game that you can play here on Friv10 online. Your goal is to battle against endless hordes of monsters and help Hero save the world from an endless horde of monsters. In this game, you will endlessly be confronted with different types of monsters and you must defeat them all in battle.   At wwwfre, as you defeat an enemy they will drop coins, you can use these coins to upgrade your character with new equipment and appearances. If you need a little assistance, friends can join the battle to help you rid the land of the persistent monsters. Good luck!   Reviews and rating are welcomed. Recommend this game to besties and enjoy games such as Alien Attack Team at   Features ◉ A fully featured clicker-idle game ◉ Area system with a set of levels and different monsters ◉ Craftable new gears ◉ Changeable hero's equipment's appearance ◉ Party members to help your adventure ◉ Premium store ◉ Cool artworks   Controls The left click to play.

Up Left Out

Up Left Out is the brain teasing puzzle game in which you can play here on friv 2 kids. This game with leave you scratching your head at times such as its challenging mechanism only gets harder the further you progress. In this game, you must rearrange tiles to free the trapped blocks and complete all the levels now.  At friv 2018 com, there will be one single space that a tile can be moved in so slowly re shape the arrangement of the puzzle to manipulate the required section and create the correct line up. It takes a lot of deliberating. Patience to be able to solve the challenge. Prove that you are a puzzle expert and complete the level! Enjoy! Check out Scalak Jump into Have a great time! Features ◉ Challenging gameplay that requires a lot of thinking ◉ Amazing level design ◉ Nice sound effect and music ◉ Cool gameplay mechanisms ◉Different background colors Controls Drag the left mouse to move the piece.

Bus Simulator: Public Transport

Have you ever sat on a bus and thought "I could driver better than this"? Bus Simulator: Public Transport is the ultimate bus driving simulation game in which which is playable friv fun games for free. Your mission is to drive around in detailed 3D city during daylight and night in this bus driving simulator. Being a Bus Driver in this game is not an easy job! Be a careless Bus Driver or crash your Bus. Well! Here is your chance to prove it!   Being a Bus Driver in a Bus Game has never been this immersive. Like in the real world, there is a time schedule to stick to and your passenger will get very angry if they are late. Along the route, drive from stop to stop picking up passengers. Do not let anything get in your way so that you can meet your deadline. If you knock over a passenger that mean your license has been revoked and the game will end at friv for free. Enjoy the realistic physics!   When playing online games at, you will be playing high-speed, no ads and countless exciting games with different themes for every age, especially children and families. Did you choose one of these exciting games? Join the world of driving games namely Rider. Hurry!    Features 3D bus driving game 2 game modes: free ride and missions You need to pick-up different passengers in the city Big city with traffic Arrow navigation   Controls Use the WASD or Arrow keys to drive the bus Press Space bar to use handbrake C key to change camera is the out of this world action game in which you can play here on friv Games to play. In this game,you need to be the ultimate spaceship pilot flying through the cosmos whilst battling other online players in dog fights. navigate around small planets, as you Witness the stunning views and avoid meteorites. This is no field trip, you have to defeat all other players using your on-board weapons.   Here at frivvvv online games, use your pilot skills as only the best will survive. Besides, avoid all in-coming missiles and bullets using flying maneuvers. Get into position behind your enemy and blow them to oblivion. Watch your name rise on the leaderboard. Become the best. Have fun and good luck!   Spend a little time to make comments and rate it with 5 star. Share it buddies and find games such as Booster.sapce on Much time!   Features ◉ Dynamic camera view ◉ 6 spaceship models, each has its own strength and weakness ◉ 2 game modes: FFA & TDM ◉ Materials to customize the spaceship's appearance   Controls Use the W key or up arrow or right click to thurst A/D key or the left/right arrow to turn Press Space bar or left click to shoot Q key or mouse scroll to switch weapons B key to look back T key to open chat P key to enter the first-person view

Road Trip FRVR

Now, we want to welcome each and every one of you to one of the best new puzzle games you are going to be playing on our website, a game that is entitled Road Trip FRVR in which you'll surely love on Friv10games. It Is holiday season and time take a well-deserved break from everyday life. You have jumped into your car for a road trip out of the city only to find that all of the roads have been messed up by construction workers! In this game, you have ti create a path with the available pieces to successfully create a route from the start and finish locations.    Here at juegos gratis friv, you have to re-order all of the road pieces to create a path to your destination, pieces can be moved and rotated as necessary. There will objects that must drive around to make things harder,however as you progress there are cool unlockables such as a tank! Have a brilliant time, like we believe you always do! Good luck!    Share this game with buddies and rate it with 5 star at Comment on it and seek other games such as Plumber. Have a great time!    Features ◉ Puzzle game to arrange roads ◉ Some objects are immovable ◉ Drag and drop controls ◉ You can buy new vehicle models, including a tank   Controls Drag the left mouse button on a road block to move it.

Silly Snakes

Silly Snakes is a version of the world-famous snakes game in which you'll surely love on Friv 10 girls games. In this .io game, you control a snake with cute expressions. Navigate around the play area collecting food. Just like the original snakes' game, you are required to collect food to make your snake grow longer. This also increases your game score, however this time the game is brought to life with the fun faces of the snakes.    Here at friv online, the difficulty is increased as you must not only avoid your own body whilst moving around. In addtion, you must avoid the other snakes that are collecting food also. The biggest characteristic of the IO game the boost button, you can move super quick by using this, but you will decrease in length as a result. What do you think about this game? Have a good time!   Introduce this game to playmates and assess it with 5 star. Send us remarks and reviews. Jump into Share it with buddies to play together and seek games namely and   Features ◉ Snake with different expressions to use ◉ Mini-map to see the location of other snakes ◉ Power-up ◉ You can see the current mass   Controls Use the mouse to move The left or right mouse button to boost speed  

Soccer Heads

Soccer Heads free game is very fascinating that you can play here on 2018. Pick a football team. There are 20 teams to choose from Arsenal, Bournem, Burnley, Chelsea, Crystal, Man City, Everton, Hullci, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd, Middles, Southam, Stock, Suderl, Swansea, Tottenham, Watford, West Br and West Ham. E.g, you choose Man City. You can see a emulating board, the time of the match and next opposing team. In the rank,ou know your existing results.   In this game at friv 4 school online, you play in 60 seconds and you must score goals in the limited time. You can jump, go ahead, step back and then shoot the ball. You must take over the ball, control the ball, pass by the opponent and shoot it into the opposing goal. The important thing is that you take control the ball all the time and shoot it at the right moment. After 60 seconds, if the team having more points, the team will become the winner. You have one (1) point for each goal.   Recommend this sports game to playmates. Give us reviews and feedback. Search for good games namely Football World Cup 2018. Visit   How to play: Use arrows to move. M key to shoot the ball.

Elf Jumping

You definitely gravitate toward Elf Jumping of Friv 10 games. It is a single-player game. You are a pink elf. You get lost in a large forest and start your own adventure. You have to make high jumps to go on the way. Elf Jumping game is a sight for sore eyes. There is no road. You jump on pedestals. Do your best to save your life.    Elf Jumping free online is a great game helping you relax. You fall down on the Earth and you have to attempt to survive. You don’t move on a flat road. You will jump on different platforms. You jump on pedestals  include grass, ice, stone, and desert to go ahead. Collects golden stars while it jumps.    Stars are used to unlock elves. You are given points while you play, and the higher you jump, the more scores you get. Keep plugging! Note: You have to jump continuously to avoid falling down. If you fall, you will lose the only one life. And that also means the game is over and you have to replay to play again at friv free online Games. In addition, you see your existing score and best score.   We are pleased to receive and read your comments. Remember to rate the game. Share them with friends. Explore other games namely Tripolyon in   Controls: Use the mouse to play.

Sum Blocks

Can you make all of these numbers add up? Sum Blocks is an relaxing math game at friv 4 school math games. Look at the sums in the cubes. Carefully place the numbers in the ones below. You’ll need to make them overlap in some cases in order to get past many of the levels you’ll find. If you become stuck, you can use hints   In this challenging math game at kids friv, there are 50 levels to complete. We have some boxes aligned in each level, which also overlaps each other at certain spots. Test you mental arithmetic skills to add the numbers up correctly. Use the right blocks as some blocks intersect with each other making the challenge even more difficult. Time to get your thinking cap on! Enjoy these brain teasing games to sharpen your thinking skills. Have fun whilst you are doing!   Introduce this game to pals and write remarks. Practice arithmetic skill in Witch Crossword of Much time!   Features ◉ A challenging math game with block objects ◉ Hint feature ◉ Drag and drop controls ◉ 50+ levels to beat   Controls Use left mouse button to move a block.

Witch Crossword

Do you have the large vocabulary? Do you know how ro make crossroads? The Witch Crossword game will test you. The game is in English, therefore, you can also train the vocabulary perhaps for you in foreign language. Travel across the magical land of crosswords one word at a time. Prove that you are the best person for finding words.    In this game at friv unblocked free, your task is to find all the words, and beat a witch who looks cute. If you do not win her puzzles, she will cook you for a dinner. As your vocabulary increases, you can begin to think in the new language and associating words directly with what they represent rather than translating each word in your mind. Have fun!   Don't panic! If you get stuck, the cute witch will assist you with hints and tips. Do you think that you are good enough to help the witch travel across the magical land of crosswords? When all of the words will have been found, you have cleared the level. The faster you are at this, the more points you are going to get. Start now! Enjoy and give it your best from start to finish!   Comment on the game. Assess it highly and share it with companions. Then seek games Village Story at   Features ◉ A fun crossword game ◉ Cute witch character ◉ Usable hints ◉ Nice music ◉ Clean and stunning animations   Controls Left click to choose a word.

Village Story

Village Story game at Friv 10 games is a fun and engaging puzzle game that is suited to puzzle lovers. Village Story online game will challenge the player's intelligence to solve all the puzzles in the game. Are you ready to solve all the puzzles? Who will become the smartest person in the world?


Are you a person who has the ability to interact quickly and accurately? Are you looking for a game to challenge your ability to interact? No doubt! Because Tripolygon game at Friv games will bring you many interesting challenges here. Jump into Tripolygon game online and find your limit now!

War of Caribbean Pirates

Welcome to War of Caribbean Pirates free online at free 1000 games - The non-stop action hack ’n’ slash pirate game that promises action at the end of your fingertips. You are a deadly pirate with one single vow and your mission is to explore different parts of the country. Defeat countless enemies and take the land for your own. Become a pirate in this exciting 3D game.    Showcase your flawless swordsmanship and battle skills to exclusive all of the other pirates across the land. You can play for a man or a woman.Play in brilliant 3D exploring beautiful towns and islands such as you come across a variety of different pirate types as you fight in their land. Of course, these will be more and more time and it will be really hard for you to get into the next part of the game. Therefore at friv for school unblocked, try to fight the best. Levels must be unlocked gradually. Is a pirate’s life for you?   We are very thankful for getting your feedback. Play more games such as Egypt Stone War at Rate the games highly and recommend them to your close friends. Much time!   Features ◉ A beautiful swordfighting game in a pirate-style ◉ Different pirate enemy models ◉ Beautiful island and towns to explore ◉ Smooth physics ◉ Adjustable graphics quality ◉ 2 characters to play   Controls ★ Use the WASD to control the movement ★ Left click to attack ★ Right click to block ★ Press Space bar to jump over obstacle ★ Press Shift to sprint ★ Q key to roll ★ C key to crouch

Offroad Truck Driver

Are you a professional and excellent driver? Are you looking for a challenging driving game to find your limit? No doubt! Offroad Truck Driver game for free at friv online Games will you bring a series of challenges. Jump in your truck in Offroad Truck Driver game and conquer all roads. Good luck!

Elsa Cooking Rainbow Cake

Do you want to be an excellent and professional baker? Do you want to make delicious and beautiful cakes? Play Elsa Cooking Rainbow Cake game at Friv game 2018 and create a variety of special and unique cakes. Set up a perfect recipe and create the cake with bright colors in Elsa Cooking Rainbow Cake!

Idle Chopper

Idle Chopper is a superb game all about chopping trees of Friv online! This is a fantastic idle game that you can play at your leisure. You control a simple lumberjack. Your mission is to chop down as many trees as possible. You can chop any of the trees you want - Click on them to cut them down. Especially, you can leave your computer and come back to the game when you wish!    In the game at friv com school, as you chop trees, you earn cash and use this cash to purchase upgrades to improve your lumberjack and his cutting abilities. At set intervals a harder, boss tree will appear, you will take longer to cut. This game is progressive. Each upgrade you cost will increase the price of the next one. Can you create the ultimate lumberman?   Don’t be afraid! Give the game a good shot! If you think that our games are cool, please play more different good ones. Comment and rate them now. Enjoy more great games at such as Anika's Odyssey Land Of The Taniwha   Features ◉ Become a lumberman and swing your axe ◉ Free movement and chopping ability ◉ Various upgrades to buy ◉ Expandable map size ◉ Buyable helpers   Controls Left click to walk, chop a tree, and buy an upgrade.